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Act! CRM Overview

Act! CRM is the contact management software used by millions of small businesses and praised by experts, Act! CRM software is the management tool leads the best-selling. This powerful software package helps you, you and your team throughout the sales cycle and customer relations.

Act! CRM solution becomes easier every day. Managing customer relationships is completely intuitive. With Act! CRM the management of the business relationship is friendly and extremely simple.

A range that meets the needs of SMEs

Act! CRM comes in several versions to best meet your needs and the size of your company.

  • Act! Pro :
    For independent or small businesses who wish to organize and develop their business.
  • Act! Premium :
    For companies that want to structure their business, share information remotely, improve the efficiency of their Commercial and monitor the achievement of individual and collective goals.


  Act! Pro Act! Premium
How to use the software
On a local network
With a remote desktop connection through Terminal Server (TSE) or Citrix
Offline using/synchronisation from office or remotely
In Realtime through the web and mobile device
Contact and Customer Management
Customizable contact sheets
Adding Custom fields (text, photo, Yes / No, date, email ...)
Creating secondary contact cards linked to main contacts
Writing notes, visits report ...
Calls, emails, appointments, address changes logs
Adding attachments to contacts (contracts, specifications ...)
Automatic tracking of quotes with raises and reminders
Managing relationships between contacts (shareholders, policy makers ...)
Creating dynamic and static groups
Contacts Geolocation (Google Map®)
Search by keyword across all fields, notes, activities ...
Multi criteria search
Management of annual events (service contract, birthday ...)
Sharing notes and logs between several contacts
Creating sub-groups via a flow chart (subsidiaries, division ...)
Access to social networks : Facebook®, Viadeo® …
Advanced security management (by salesperson/teams, fields security, limited exports)
Ability to manage up to 100 000 contacts (need SQL Server Standard Edition)
Activity and Calendar Management
Automatic synchronization with MS Outlook® (contacts, agendas…)
Creation of activities and contacts from MS Outlook® emails
Call planning, meetings, tasks to perform
Management of priority activities
Activity logs by contact
Diaries daily, weekly, and monthly Diaries
Shared calendars (activity creation for users ...)
Printing diaries
Sending Act! invitation to Gmail™, Apple® iCal® , Windows Live™
Edit internal directories or contacts
Elapsed time spent by activity
View availability of users in the diary
Notification of conflict activities
Managing meeting rooms and equipment (video projector ...)
View activities of more than 10 users in the diary
Act! Pro
Special price
1-user License Act! Pro 21.1
starts from
289 € +VAT 269 €

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